RootJack is 100% preservative free!

What is a pirate's favorite vegetable?

Corn, because they're willing to pay a bucc-an-eer!

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Avast ye Hearties!

Welcome to the Interport home of RootJack, the Pirate's most delicious alternative to the bane that is known as Scurvy!

Rest ye squiffy boots and hear the tale of Cap'n Astrea Valentine and her magical elixir what kept the crew healthy and n'er put one foot in the locker.

Rootjack will not only balance out yer four humors, you'll step lively and spot futher than ye even thought possible. Thar's power in this draught.

RootJack's a tasty Root Beer with a hint of Orange flavor and Vanilla, Guarana to liven yer step, and a full daily dose of Vitamin C to keep scurvy in check.

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